Starting New Traditions

I am really excited about Christmas this year as my daughter is two & a half; the perfect age to start some new traditions and get excited together about the magic of Christmas! She ‘wrote’ her letter to Santa last week and her list made me smile; a yellow dress, a puzzle and some pencils. I suggested the puzzle and may have mentioned Santa puts small presents like colouring pencils in your stocking but don’t ask me where the idea for a yellow dress came from. But we checked a number of times before writing and she hasn’t wavered yet so a yellow dress it is (though Santa isn’t really sure where he will find one this time of year)!


Since October (or September if I am really honest) I have been dying to get a personalised letter done up from Santa for my little one. I know she can’t actually read yet but I know she would enjoy the idea of Santa writing a special letter for her. So I was delighted to come across a business right here in Waterford run by Joanne O’Herlihy that specialises in personalised Santa letters as well as Nice List Certificates. As we live in Waterford Joanne hand-delivered it to our house. We were away at the time but when we got home….well the excitement! Santa had actually been to our house and left a letter! We raced straight into the kitchen to read it. The letter was tied with a green sparkly pipe-cleaner which added to the magic for me. In fact I got so into the whole thing I was nearly convinced Santa had written the letter himself! As you can see from the photos the whole thing is done up really well and Joanne mentions in the letter exactly what your child is asking Santa for.



If you are in the market for a personalised Santa letter I can’t recommend Joanne’s service highly enough. My daughter was thrilled with herself all day long and still beams with pride when she sees her Nice List Certificate up on the fridge. You can get a personalised letter for €8 or the letter along with a Nice List Certificate for €10. If you are interested in finding out more about Joanne’s service you can find her on Facebook here.

I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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