The Adventures of Pippy & Dippy

I recently received two beautiful children’s’ books by Jim Bartley to review. I was immediately captivated by Maeve Keane’s whimsical illustrations so suited to children’s’ literature. I couldn’t wait to read them to my daughter as I knew she would love these two mischievous characters. Well, not only did she like Pippy and Dippy she was completely enchanted by them. Every morning she stays in her cot for about half an hour to ‘read’ her books while we struggle to wake up (yes this is an absolute godsend). The day after we first read about Pippy and Dippy her first thought upon waking was of Pippy and Dippy. While I don’t think two year olds are the main target audience all I can say is that my two year old cannot get enough of Pippy and Dippy. She spent that morning staring at the pictures and ‘reading’ the story to her father and I.

Pippy and Dippy are two curious little mice who end up getting into many adventures together. They live behind the grandfather clock in Melissa and Alan’s house and are constantly getting up to mischief! Their adventures take place in the various rooms of the house and there is even one hair-raising adventure involving a cat (this is my daughter’s favourite). In the second book Pippy and Dippy venture outside the house. They find themselves living in a barn with a host of new creatures to meet. This second book is full of Pippy & Dippy adjusting to life outside the house and making new friends.



Jim originally created these characters for his own children inspired by the tales his own father told him as a boy. His style of story-telling is well suited to the younger reader and I can see why his children would have enjoyed hearing these stories. Maeve’s illustrations beautifully enhance each story capturing young and old readers alike.

I was impressed with the care and hard work that had so obviously gone into these books. They are self-published which is never an easy undertaking but Jim has clearly put a lot of effort into ensuring his stories are readable and well-produced. They would make a wonderful Christmas present for any young readers in your life.

Please check out Jim’s Facebook page here. If you wish to order the books you can do so here.



Books received in exchange for an honest review.

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