This Girl’s Life

Then the day dawns when this girl’s life becomes this mother’s life and the world as you know it morphs into an alien landscape, a sparkling riot of colours; love has never felt this deep or scary before.

Why can’t well just get along?

I still feel saddened by all the negative rhethoric that surrounds mothers who choose to bottle feed for whatever reason. I have no problem with people who do breastfeed – in fact I’m slightly envious of their confidence and determination – I applaud their ability to do this. I just wish myself and the Bottle Brigade could be left to quietly get on with our own way of feeding.

My tiny best friend

So I was scrolling through Facebook (writers should have an app to prevent this by the way as it literally sucks time) when I came across a link with the title ‘12 awkward texts you never want to see from your parents’ (or words to that effect). Anticipating a good chuckle I was about to…

The reality of ‘me time’

Today my very kind mother sent me off for a few precious hours of ‘me time’. Anyone who looks after their child full time will appreciate that this is like winning the fabled Golden Ticket, you feel like it’s Christmas morning and your birthday all rolled into one. Whenever I am home my mom always…